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Welcome to the new (and hopefully temporary) home of Terciopelo Records. You'll be able to purchase the albums below soon. Until then you can contact us if you want to trade. You can purchase Blabber n Smoke from the harvey girls here.

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were a band from Lawrence, Kansas. Hiram was in it along with Billy Lamboley, Brent Piepergerdes, Brandon Brown, and Matt Smith. They had some help from Sam O Malandro and Brandon Burke as well. They played, they toured, they had fun. Check out Brandon Brown's band The Blue Leaves whenever you get the chance.

Psychics to Sidekicks
weirdo frontiersman
Haunted Hungarian Sauna
to my daughter
picaresque and proud
return of the panda
boobalus bobalus
captain stuebing
tea parties on the ceiling

were also a band from Lawrence, Kansas. Billy played bass for them. They were on Middle Class Pig records and toured Germany a lot. This was their only release on Terciopelo.
Hefners (7" vinyl, none in stock)

Piltdown Ensemble
Improvisational jazz/modern compositional-type music (read noisy with a touch of melody) with many Lawrence musicians from various and sundry bands. Together for a few years until almost everyone decided to move. This band is notable for playing so crazed at a local establishment, one man took swings at a couple of players, causing him to be dragged outside.
piltdown ensemble pt. 7

Songs by a boy who took German and can't remember a single word (4-track tape recordings--that's NOT a bad thing).
camptown rocker
i feel for you
king woohoo

Bedpan Minstrels
Hiram and Matt Smith get drunk and record with some help from Joel Bates. Blues and drum machines (4-track tape recordings--that's NOT a bad thing).
awake in bed

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